Thursday, June 16, 2016

Missions - To Be or Not To Be

After taking off about 3 weeks from the development tasks for personal reasons and working far too many hours, I have decided that the idea of a mission is going to be scrapped from the game.  The problem with missions is that it forces the game down a path that violates some of the ideas I want to create. 

For example, the environment the game operates within is entirely procedural.  If I create a mission, in order to test a successful outcome, means I must introduce fixed numbers in order for the game to have testable outcomes.  This makes the idea of a procedural game static in nature, hampering the ability to be open-ended and random.

Instead missions will be replaced by a goal of setting up a complex on another world with a given set of characteristics.  Or setting up a complex on several planets that are N light years apart.  This allows the game to still be random, and it allows us to introduce more phenomena in the space between stars.