About the Game

The following is a narrative for the long term vision for the computer game, The Lost Tribes.  This text was written in April 2016, and while the details are subject to change this is what we are attempting to achieve.

The Lost Tribes is a PvEvP space-based racing game.  It is a single player "PvE" game, but with the ability to compare the outcomes of the game with other players; "vP".  We will offer several missions, and in v2, the ability for other players to create missions for the global stage or within guilds (we call Species).  Then allow a player to compare their outcomes with other local, regional or global players.

The stars, planets and planet surfaces are all procedural and based on a seed that will create exactly the same galaxy regardless of the order a player may discover the planets and stars in the galaxy.

Inside this game we offer an open-sandbox or missions.  In an open-sandbox, the player can learn the "default" tech tree and learn how to build technology to travel to other stars in a galaxy that they can randomize.  The original Lost Tribes mission was about going out and finding what happened to the 50 colonist space ships that left your planet after a weather catastrophe.  In this mission, you have to travel to 50 star systems and get in contact with each of the colonies.  In the current game, we have the ability to create a variety of rule based missions that works with the procedural galaxy.

Missions will further be divided into a sequence, with a player not only needing to complete the mission but completing it in a minimum time.  Mission difficulties will be added which limit resource availability and tightens the completion time requirements.

Since The Lost Tribes implements a procedural galaxy, we will feature missions that provide the ability for two players to play the same mission and compare their results.  We do this using "game time" ... the number of simulated months or years it takes for a player to complete a mission.  This allows a player to accelerate their game or pause it and take time off and still have a way to compare how long it takes to complete missions.

For missions, we will implement the ability for a player to download a mission, calculate the "game time" to complete it, then have a top-N list for the player based on a player's geographic location; province, country or global for each mission.  Eventually, players can be part of different species (guilds), and each species can create their own missions and have times comparable to other players of the same species.

Our tech tree is discovery based.  You need to build a piece of technology in order to discover it's outputs.  Once all the inputs of another tech item have been discovered (through this build process), then that item becomes available to build.  In Version 2.x, the game will feature a procedural generated tech tree. Other than a player's own intuition, players do not have an inherent advantage over other players for the same mission; they have to relearn the tech tree for each mission.

The result is a game where the mechanic is the same but the environment, mission and tech tree are random.  Resulting in a game that can be played over and over with different outcomes.  We believe this will make the game more enjoyable and implement an interesting "PvEvP" environment; a single player PvE, but with the ability to compare results with other players "vP".