Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Research View Update

Most of last week was consumed by a migration from one UX version to another.  When will I ever learn to wait until version x.3 of anything before migrating?  Fortunately, the developer was available on Slack and we were able to have real-time support chat conversations.  Still, ran into far too many bugs.

Anyway, here is the updated Research View.  It now incorporates all of the suggested Play Test changes that were identified about 2 weeks ago.

Major Additions/Changes:
  • CHANGE: The top-right icon is reflective of the view you are going to when clicking it.
  • ADDED: Top-left BACK icon allows you to backup in your view.
  • ADDED: Lower-Left Game Timer
  • ADDED: Lower-Right Tech View

New - Tech View

It was pointed out that it would be really nice to be able to remember/see the formulas for the various factories.  So I have added the tech view.  Which is also available on the Planet and Complex views, shows up to 9 building formulas, showing the Inputs, Outputs and Construction needs for each building type.

Selecting/Unselecting a Building Type is done by right-clicking the building in any research view.

Tech in the Research View allows you to also quickly find the research to show a graphical view or to unselect it.  Whereas, in the Complex and Planet views, there is a "Forget Button" to remove it from the list.