Saturday, April 16, 2016

Preliminary Surface Transports

This shows my latest planet view with preliminary path finding that shows the connection between complexes.  Eventually, this will be replaced by a smooth animation showing a transport flying over the surface, or possibly just some particles.

Each line flows from red to green, identifying which transports are connected.  The info on the left shows 5 major inputs, but each input, referred to as a "Transport In Hub" can have many sources, and those sources is what produces all the lines.  Looks like this:

In this screen, the system shows how much gold ore is available from other sites.  To add sources, you click on the buttons on the right to add them to the right.  Then click +/- to add remove transports.  Surface transports can carry a maximum of 200 units and Launch transports a maximum of 100 units.  Such as this source which produces 375 units/hour, you need to assign 2 transports to send all 375 units to this complex.

Right now the system supports dividing up resources, but does not do load balancing; nor is this planned.  If you have a raw material site that produces 375 units, such as the example above, and elsewhere, need silicon, the system evenly divides the available resources up between users.  So now, this new complex can get a maximum of 187 units:

Until the player actually makes it a source, the number identified is an estimate based on current information.  If they don't select the complex, the other complex still receives 375/hour.  If the new complex starts receiving silicon, then the original complex only gets 175; and are furthermore wasting transports.