Friday, April 29, 2016


YAY!  Okay, fine, my technology model is a wee bit too complicated ... but my engine successfully created a manufacturing network capable of generating Surface Transports, and it only takes a player 4 game years to do it.  Seems like a long time, but 4 game years, doesn't seem unrealistic, but it's early and the models aren't even tuned.

Once a player can create a Surface Transport, they can travel up to the space station, and begin the next stage.

It proves I can:
  • assemble and construct buildings
  • disassemble and deconstruct buildings
  • make surface transports
This is a major developmental goal.  Largely it means that development on the planet is complete, at least from a major delivery perspective.  There will be other planet related changes, but now I can move on to developing the space station bit. 

Next week!  I need a break.