Thursday, March 24, 2016

Complex View

Here is an early view of a complex.  The prefabs I got out of an asset that cost $5, and they are just the basics for now, I'll replace them later on.

So the change I have decided to make with the game is that I have done away with the idea that resources run out over the course of a game.  Suppose you have an Iron Ore resource that contains 4.2% Iron.  If the Iron Ore Extraction with the Iron Ore Smelter can do 2 tones per day (2000kg), then this complex can produce 84kg of Iron per day.

Suppose you use Iron to make ships.  If a large ship requires 840kg of iron, then with a single complex, it takes 10 days to get enough iron to produce the ship.

If, however, you produce a new complex that produces 400kg of iron per day, the two complexes, combined, produce 484kg per day, which means only 2 days are needed to produce enough iron for one ship.

Therefore, unlimited means you never run out of material.  But you need multiple complexes to extract enough material.